To Extract Marketo Data in a smarter and efficient way with least effort!



From Marketo to Database then analysis

Data Loader for Marketo (DLM) is a powerful tool to allow you easily extract Marketo data and push it to your database ! With DLM, your database will always up-to-date. API calls from Marketo are minimized by only downloading updated data or new records from Leads, Programs, Program Members, Campaigns, Opportunities, Activities, etc. With pre-built schema in DLM, programming ability is no longer an issue to extract Marketo data!

Why DLM ?

Extract Marketo objects data

DLM provides the best solution to extract Marketo objects data. With more objects available, you will have the flexibility to generate as many report types as you want. Objects listed below are available through DLM!






Opportunity Person Role

Program member

Custom Object
(Coming Soon)

Data backup
Reduce API calls
Time saving
Cross table analysis

Storing data in Database

Storing Marketo data in database enables you to achieve several benefits. With DLM, making marketing reports will no longer be a hard time for you!

Link your data to
BI Tools for analysis!

With up-to-date data in database, marketers can easily produce reports like Program member analysis, email engagement analysis, Lead nurturing, and cross-objects analysis is also available without limitations. Furthermore, data from different sources like Salesforce can easily be joined together to make your perfect marketing-revenue analysis report!

Power BI

With DLM, your data will keep being up-dated to database , and with those data you can....

Target at certain customers to increase campaign ROI and develop a more solid marketing strategy.
Do further reporting and analysis by using tools such as Tableau, Spotfire and Domo. Advanced analysiss and BI could all be realized with DLM.
Generate a higher revenue growth by better analysis and marketing strategies using the Marketo data.


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