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DLM provides the best solution to retrieve data from Marketo to the database. With more objects available, you will have the flexibility to generate as many report types as you want. Objects listed below are available through DLM.

Marketo Objects Description
Lead Lead information including Marketo standard fields and all custom fields.
List of standard fields:
Program Data includes program information and program attributes including tags and costs.
Campaign Data includes id, name, description, type, workspace, createdat, updatedat, active, programname and programid.
Opportunity Opportunity information including Marketo standard fields and all custom fields.
Opportunity PersonRole Data from leads linked to opportunities. This includes externalcreateddate, id, isprimary, opportunityid, personid, and role.
Program Member Data about leads from programs, including id, programid, progressionstatus, isexhausted, acquiredby, reachedsuccess and membershipdate.
Activity Data about all lead activities including standard activity types and custom activity types, and their details.



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Storing Marketo data in database enables you to achieve several benefits. You can save your precious time and API calls, do an analysis across business functions, and back up your valuable assets!

It’s necessary to have as much data as possible when you do an analysis, however, retrieving Marketo data can be time-consuming. Your time is precious. Don’t waste it on such tedious things. Let DLM do this exhausting job for you! You can schedule automated tasks to retrieve data from Marketo to database with DLM and all tasks run in the background. When you conduct an analysis by BI tools, you can get Marketo data from the database instead of Marketo, that will be faster than connecting data from Marketo directly.

To give you a rough idea of how much time it might take to retrieve data from Marketo and database, tests were conducted using one of well-known BI tool, Tableau, to connect to Marketo and Microsoft SQL Server. This chart shows how long it took in the test environment to retrieve a given number of records from Marketo and Microsoft SQL Server by Tableau respectively.

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Here are some samples for how we made analysis via DLM!

Program performance analysis allows you to measure program effectiveness and marketing ROI. It also helps you compare each program to ensure you’re focusing on the ones that actually work. Here are some insights you will get from program performance analysis:

  • Aggregated data from all your prior programs by channel or program customized attributes

  • Know the number of members, acquisition rate, and success rate for each program

  • Compare key metrics across programs